The Consultancy

The Consultancy is an experiential learning opportunity for current students. Selected students will act as consultants and work within consultancy teams to help businesses with a variety of projects:
• Launch products or businesses
• Market Research
• Data and analytics
• Communications Support
• Media production and design
• Business consultation and solutions

Explore current opportunities and past projects:

Application Process

The Consultancy is a fee-for-service experiential learning program. Local businesses can apply to work with student talent on a number of different projects to support their business challenges. Faculty advisors coach student teams through the project as they complete necessary tasks related to the project success.

If interested please fill out the application and provide detail on the project, number of students and desired project outcomes. If you have any questions please contact us below.

Benefit and Solutions


Students will benefit from their involvement in the Consultancy in many ways:
• Paid position
• Addition to their Co-Curricular record
• A unique opportunity to work with and impact community businesses
• Clear development of intrapreneurial skills
• Network with industry professionals
• Potential for employment after program completion


Community businesses will benefit from the Consultancy in multiple ways:
• Business or product launch
• Provide digital communication solutions
• Business growth
• Market and data analysis and understanding
• Software development
• Create and implement new efficiencies
• Hire new talent

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