DEFY is a micro-centre that not only builds business but is creating a movement. We bring together a dynamic community of female and female-identifying entrepreneurs for workshops, events, and our annual DEFY Symposium. Here, collaboration isn’t just encouraged; it’s celebrated. Our aim? To foster community, ignite networking opportunities, and provide unparalleled education to propel your entrepreneurial journey forward. Our partnership with SEED HHN, a dedicated not-for-profit empowering female and female-identifying entrepreneurs, fuels our mission to redefine success and shatter barriers.

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Group photo of 50 female entrepreneurs


We believe in creating a community where female and female identifying entrepreneurs can gain knowledge and enhance their businesses through mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities. The city of Hamilton is large and filled with community members that are willing to share their expertise and knowledge to help others build their business to their best potential. DEFY is committed to providing those opportunities to female and female identifying entrepreneurs.

Group photo of 50 female entrepreneurs

What We DEFY

We believe in defiance. We believe in pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and defying the odds. In a world where obstacles are plentiful and opportunities sometimes scarce, we empower female and female-identifying entrepreneurs to rise above, to seize their potential, and to transform their visions into reality.

Conference with 4 females sitting on stage with a large group watching.

Are you ready to DEFY?

Join us in our mission to create an unstoppable community of female and female-identifying business owners who refuse to settle, who dare to dream, and who are committed to rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to defy? The journey starts here.