DEFY Symposium

DEFY Symposium

The DEFY Symposium orchestrates a series of empowering events tailored for female and female-identifying entrepreneurs. These include workshops, networking sessions, and social gatherings aimed at fostering growth and collaboration within the community. The highlight is a multi-day conference featuring renowned speakers and interactive sessions, offering invaluable insights and tools for business success.

Join us to participate in these transformative experiences and defy expectations on your entrepreneurial journey.

DEFY Events


Gain essential skills for female and female-identifying entrepreneurs, business strategies and personal development.

Networking Events

Connect with mentors, leaders, and peers, expanding your network through workshops and sessions.

Social Gatherings

Share experiences, celebrate successes, and build connections in a supportive environment.

Annual Symposium

Our annual symposi brings experts and entrepreneurs for discussions and workshops to empower and equip you for success.

Join the Movement

Ready to defy the odds? Join DEFY today and become part of a transformative community dedicated to empowerment, collaboration, and growth.